Project Description


Meet Tigger! Tigger needed X-rays due to decreased defecation and his owner feared an obstruction in his bowels. Upon examination, there was no obstruction, but there was a lot of gas and the possibility of gastroenteritis. Tigger was dewormed incase this was due to parasites and monitored for vomiting, decreased appetite, and/or diarrhea. Thankfully he was a good little patient and passed the gas without issue after being put on a diet of canned kitten food. Tigger’s owner did not have the funds to pay for x-rays, but she also couldn’t live with the thought of something obstructing Tigger’s digestive tract. Because she lives paycheck to paycheck, she did not qualify for CareCredit or ScratchPay, but The Ladybug Fund was able to cover the cost of her bills and ease her burden, and Tigger’s gas.